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I read your note about the beauty of the immune system and the mathematics of the brain.

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How would you like me to interpret this love letter? It weighs next to nothing and ends abruptly. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content.

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Notes on the Poem In "The Shipping Container," Kate Hall weaves a wistful but subtly pointed statement about empty promises and the disappointment they cause. Ill leave this postcard here for you to nd. In troughs of night Jasmine slept, numb from the consumption of rays from the moon. Through to its end, this poem fends off desire. A toast to the heavy drum that pulls us daily and urges that we hum the distance. Between desires, men scoff at the moon, hung lightly to shine plum-dark nights, as they measure breaths from the moon to the end.

Of our poems, ends tossed out to hold them off, we hope some may say they rumble on and pleasingly hum the distance between. Desires bend us and bend. Doff your hat, where I come from, a show of respect. Desires plumb where we come from. The moon to the end of this poem lends soft light. As one desire leaves another hums the distance between desires. STEAK theres always a catch , driving and car troubles, driving and driving west, driving and not to the ocean yet I cant sleep in Albuquerque. Yesterday I realized the land between here and Santa Rosa where we lost the transmission and a day is too bare and at.

I wasnt meant to see that far. My mother, father, brother, grandmothers, and aunts everything excised. I cant feel it anymore. Distance grows in the bones. Tonight I feel the room spinning like after a bender, but Ive been sober since Georgia. I can feel the world wobble under this bed off balance because Georgias gone to oblivion. Read Free For 30 Days. Dangerous Goods Poems by Sean Hill. From the Bahamas, London, and Cairo, to Bemidji, Minnesota, and Milledgeville, Georgia, Sean Hill explores the relationship between travel, migration, alienation, and home.

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Part shadowbox, part migration map, part travelogue-in-verse, Dangerous Goods is poignant, elegant, and deeply moving. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

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More From Milkweed Editions. Popular in Clothing. The book is full of suspense, danger, and derring-do.

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In , Agnes Magnusdottir was the last person to be executed in Iceland. This unusual book of historical fiction tells her story. Agnes was sent to live with the family of a minor government official while awaiting execution. I hope one of the Sister Wolf groups picks this for discussion this summer! It is also touching, painful, vulnerable, and immensely human. Through her computer drawings and accompanying essays on everything from childhood power struggles, her seemingly developmentally disabled dog, the terrorist goose which breaks into her apartment, to her ongoing struggle with clinical depression, she reaches into a place which brings enormous solace and the best laugh in a long time to those who relate.

Though not suited for everyone, I love her work and could not recommend it more highly.

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Stitches is a collection of stories and thoughts on overcoming obstacles and finding meaning in difficult situations. Anne Lamott has a style that is honest and sometimes funny, yet has depth to it. This is a book to reflect on and share. The characters drew me in and were a reminder that we are often unaware of how the experiences and past choices of others and ourselves affect our lives and influence who we are today. Will Traynor is wheelchair bound as a result of an accident; Louisa Clark takes a job as his caretaker. Although they have very little in common, they come to care deeply for each other.

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