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It is utilized during revolutions, protests, times of oppression, and times of peace. It also reflects the differences in the many cultures around the world and preserves traditions that may be lost over time. Your writing style may be a way to connect with your heritage, or a way to explore your identity, as with Hurston. A true revolutionary, Hunter S. Thompson believed in a no-bullshit attitude when it came to writing, while also greatly exaggerating events to make them more entertaining.

He was quite the character. While he originally studied authors like F. His form of journalism often blurred the lines between fact and fiction. One of his most famous pieces came from his time living as a biker of the Hells Angels. He wrote about his experiences, even when they made him out to be ugly, for the purposes of exposing the hypocrisy and corruption of society.

Hallucinations are bad enough. But after a while you learn to cope with things like seeing your dead grandmother crawling up your leg with a knife in her teeth. Most acid fanciers can handle this sort of thing. No, this is not a good town for psychedelic drugs. Reality itself is too twisted. Much like Hemingway, Thompson relied on his experiences to inform his writing. Except he did something a little more … unconventional. Thompson put himself in situations that would give him unique experiences to write about.

He joined a biker gang, did drugs in Vegas, and ran for sheriff of a little town in Colorado. If you feel you have a lack of experience, do what Thompson did and take a few risks. Putting yourself out there will give you a wealth of material and expose you to different perspectives you may not have considered before. Not ready to join a biker gang? Or go skydiving! Toni Morrison is one of the most respected contemporary American writers.

She had a tumultuous childhood, her parents deliberately setting fire to their home when she was just two years old. Nevertheless, they raised her to be driven, intelligent, and aware of her heritage. She was an ambitious student, who read the likes of Jane Austen and Leo Tolstoy when she was very young. Her writing style is influenced by her African American culture, her life experiences, and the historical significance of the time period she grew up in.

She uses modern conventions like varied sentence structures, descriptive analogies, and historical references to ground the reader in the time period. Her writing has always been accessible to the masses, while still being incredibly complex and poignant. There is a loneliness that can be rocked. Then there is a loneliness that roams.

No rocking can hold it down. It is alive, on its own. As I mentioned with Hurston, writing and culture have gone hand in hand since the written word was created. However, unlike Hurston, Morrison keeps to contemporary writing conventions. Research and authenticity are all well and good, but beware of being too committed to your art. Your style should be both true to you and true to your time. Morrison knows that she can represent her identity and culture in a way that is accessible to contemporary audiences, while still respectful of the historical significance behind her words.

When writing about sensitive topics, always be cautious as to how it will be read by others and how they may process it. You have to talk about her. Commercial fiction is transparent in its prose and its intent—to entertain and to tell a good story. Its main focus is on pleasing the audience. Rowling wrote Harry Potter for children.

The main characters began their journey at 11 years old. She obviously was not creating some profound literary masterpiece. She knew what audience she wanted to write for and she went for it. She drew upon her knowledge of classical literature and languages to build a world around the idea, but otherwise, she wrote an accessible work of fiction that could be read by as many people as possible.

Her style definitely reflects her education and background, and the idea may be considered revolutionary, but her writing style is certainly not. Dursley was the director of a firm called Grunnings, which made drills. He was a big, beefy man with hardly any neck, although he did have a very large mustache. Dursley was thin and blonde and had nearly twice the usual amount of neck, which came in very useful as she spent so much of her time craning over garden fences, spying on the neighbors.

What makes Rowling so successful is her ability to reach her intended audience. Though you can certainly try. If you can pick up on techniques that they use, you can incorporate bits and pieces of their style into yours to create something new. If you want to up the ante, though, consider doing what the greats did. Turn to your cultural roots like Hurston or Morrison. Fight against the norms of society like Hemingway and Thompson. Although, in the modern age, that might mean composing a story using only emojis … yikes. Photo credit: librakv.

The Three Elements of Poetry: how to write better poetry

It advocates economic reform as the basis of social and cultural reform, and it could not have held aloof from political reality. An admirer of Mussolini, he lived in fascist Italy beginning in These commentaries often attacked Roosevelt and the Jewish bankers whom Pound held responsible for the war.

By the U. Army and kept imprisoned in a small, outdoor wire cage at a compound near Pisa, Italy.

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For several weeks during that hot summer, Pound was confined to the cage. At night floodlights lit his prison. Eventually judged to be mentally incompetent to stand trial, Pound was incarcerated in St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D. He stayed in the hospital until when Robert Frost led a successful effort to free the poet. Montgomery of the New York Times called "among the masterpieces of this century. Upon his release from St. Elizabeth's in , Pound returned to Italy, where he lived quietly for the rest of his life.

I cannot make it cohere. I picked out this and that thing that interested me, and then jumbled them into a bag. But that's not the way to make a work of art. In the years since his death, scholarly examination of his works have continued unabated. Several works of primary scholarship have been released, including several letter collections that trace both Pound's career and the evolution of his poetic achievements.

A Walking Tour in Southern France: Ezra Pound among the Troubadors provides Pound scholars with the poet's notes regarding his walking trip through Provence, a landscape and cultural arena that would influence his later Cantos. Edited letter collections include correspondence with poets William Carlos Williams and E. Cummings , political ruminations with U. In August of Pound, living in Italy and at work on his Cantos, received a letter from a young Harvard student. The student, James Laughlin , came to visit the poet in Rapallo, sparking a correspondence that would span the remainder of the poet's life and Laughlin's own rise to founder of New Directions Press, Pound's U.

Partially collected in as Ezra Pound and James Laughlin: Selected Letters, the written correspondence between these two friends was vast, numbering more than twenty-seven hundred items. Some were written from Rapallo, where the poet battled with his muse, while others were written during Pound's tenure in St. Elizabeth's, as his battle grew more inward; forbidden most correspondence as one of the terms of his punishment, Pound's letters to Laughlin were smuggled out in his wife's handbag on the days of her visits. Through the letters, notes Rockwell Gray in the Chicago Tribune, "Pound reminds us how much language shares with music Under the showy surface, however, the extra-poetic Pound reveals an all too human concern with vanity wounded by questions of publication, remuneration and reputation.

Through it all runs a sense of alienation from a native land he needed to whip, presumably for its own good. Such themes—along with Pound's tiresome crusade against usury and modern capitalism—bedeviled his gifted mind. Pound's letters to all of us—the rant, the stubbornness, the pith and humor of the Cantos are here, as first drafts, or widening ripples of the life that became the Cantos.

Don Share is the editor of Poetry Magazine, a poet and translator, and a gem of a human. He chats with Danez and Franny about the mechanics and ethos of How Poetry 's legendary Objectivist issue came to be, from Pound's harangues to Zukofsky's essays. Also wrote the score for "Le Testament," a ballet and song recital based on the poem by Francois Villon, , first produced in its entirety at Gian Carlo Menotti's Festival of Two Worlds, Spoleto, July 14, ; wrote opera, "Villon," in the early s, portions performed in Paris, , and broadcast on the B. Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library.

Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation. Back to Previous. Ezra Pound. Poems by Ezra Pound. Related Content. More About this Poet. Appeared in Poetry Magazine. Abu SalammammA Song of Empire. The Bellaires. Cantico del Sole. Canto I. Canto III. Canto IV. Canto XLV.

Canto XVI. The Choice. The Coming of War: Actaeon. The Condolence. Dance Figure. Dans Un Omnibus De Londres. The Fish and the Shadow. For the Triumph of the Arts. Fragment to W. The Garden. The Garret. The Gipsy. Homage to Quintus Septimius Florentis Christianus. Hugh Selwyn Mauberley [Part I]. I Wait.

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Image from D'Orleans. In a Station of the Metro. In That Country. Jacques Chardinel of the Albigenses. The Lake Isle. Middle-Aged: A Study in an Emotion. Near Perigord. O Atthis. A Pact. Pagani's, November 8. Pax Saturni. Portrait d'une Femme. Provincia Deserta. Salutation the Second. The Seafarer. The Seeing Eye. Sestina: Altaforte. The Spring. Statement of Being. The Study in Aesthetics. Surgit Fama. Three Cantos. Three Cantos: III. The Three Poets. To Whistler, American.

Villanelle: The Psychological Hour. A Virginal.

The Old Guys

Show More. Exile's Letter. Another Chance. Art and Swadeshi , by Ananda Coomaraswamy. The Audience: I. The Audience. Bohemian Poetry. A Boy's Will , by Robert Frost. Cambridge Left. Correspondence: A Possibly Impractical Suggestion. Ernest Dowson , by Victor Plarr. Ernest Walsh. The European in America. A Few Don'ts by an Imagiste. A Flock from Oxford. From the Editor of "The Exile". The Hard and the Soft in French Poetry. Hark to Sturge Moore. Homage to Wilfrid Blunt. Honor and the United States Senate. Irony, Laforgue, and Some Satire. The Later Yeats. Letters to a Young Poet from Ezra Pound.

Literary Prizes. Love Poems and Others , by D. Lucrum Tuum Damnum Publicum Est.

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Modern Georgics. Dunning's Poetry. Hueffer and the Prose Tradition in Verse. One such poem is "Power", which was written about Marie Curie , one of the most important female icons of the 20th century for discovering radiation. In this poem, she discusses the element of power and feminism. More specifically, it tackles the problem that Curie was slowly succumbing to the radiation she acquired from her research, to which Rich refers in the poem as her source of power.

This poem discusses the concept of power, particularly from a woman's point of view. Besides poems and novels, Rich also wrote and published a number of nonfiction books that tackle feminist issues. Especially the Bread and Poetry contains the famous feminist essay entitled "Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence", and Feminism and Community. From the works listed above as well as her various interviews and documentaries, demonstrate that Rich has an in-depth perspective of feminism and society. For one, Rich has something to say about the use of the term itself.

According to her, she prefers to use the term "women's liberation" rather than feminism. For her, the latter term is more likely to induce resistance from women of the next generation. Also, she fears that the term would amount to nothing more than a label if it is used extensively. On the other hand, using the term women's liberation means that women can finally be free from factors that can be seen as oppressive to their rights.

Rich's views on feminism can be found in her works. She says in Of Woman Born that "we need to understand the power and powerlessness embodied in motherhood in patriarchal culture. In this book, she spoke:. Our future depends on the sanity of each of us, and we have a profound stake, beyond the personal, in the project of describing our reality as candidly and fully as we can to each other. Given the feminist conditions during the 50ss era, it can be said that Rich's works on feminism are revolutionary.

8 Reasons Why Poetry Is Good for the Soul

Her views on equality and the need for women to maximize their potential can be seen as progressive during her time. Her views strongly coincide with the feminist way of thinking during that time. For Rich, society as a whole is founded on patriarchy and as such it limits the rights for women. For equality to be achieved between the sexes, the prevailing notions will have to be readjusted to fit the female perspective. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Adrienne Rich. This section's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

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