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She wanted to get out. So she distracted the teacher to make her come. Then Katie jumped on the teacher's hand. She finally got out. She went near George.

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He was scared of her. Then she went into the boys changing room for gym. So she got out to the girls bathroom. She looked in the mirror. Katie not only gets to meet Rosie, but she turns into her. Will Katie shine in the spotlight, or will she get stage fright? Derkman is a finanlist for Teacher of the Year, and class 3A must be observed by a contest official. But can Katie calm down the rowdy class when Katie turns into Mrs.

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A trip to the Natural History Museum goes completely wrong. When Katie won't participate in her classmates shenanigans, they call her a goodie-goodie when she doesn't join in. The mean tour guide, Mr. Weir isn't making things any better. When Mr. Weir's meanness rubs off on Katie, the trip suddenly gets a whole lot worse. Can Katie make things Katie is loving fourth grade, is making some fabulous fans, and finds the track team a blast.

Anyone But Me (Katie Kazoo Switcheroo)

But when Coach Debbie keeps Katie on the bench, Katie finds the slight unfair. Yes, she is the slowest, but she wants to complete with the rest of her teammates.

When the coach finally gives Katie her chance to shine, will she help or hurt the team? Suzanne has completely changed and become a total brat. Will their friendship last? Everyone in the fourth grade is getting into the Valentine spirit.

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But Katie has had enough—she is definitely not into all this mushy gushy stuff! So Katie makes a decision Katie and Suzanne are so excited-they won tickets to see their favorite rock group, the Bayside Boys, at the Cherrydale Arena! And not only do they get to see the show, but they get to attend the dress rehearsal and go backstage to hang out with the group! But when the magic wind turns Katie into one of the band members in the middle of the But when Katie is switcherooed into the In My Pops is Tops!

Derkman, is a finalist in the Teacher of the Year contest In Write On! But when Katie starts working on a cool new website with Suzanne, she forgets to read the book! Then Katie turns into Nellie, just when A collection of audiobooks 21 and 22 in the Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo series!

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In I'm Game , when Katie's dad, a trivia buff, gets a chance to be a contestant on his favorite TV game show, she quizzes him to prepare him for every possible question. But the one thing she can't prepare for is the magic wind—which turns her into her dad right as the When Emma W. So Katie accompanies him to Dr. In Gotcha!

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She felt really bad so she made a wish that night that she could be anyone but herself. She didn't know there was a shooting star. So the next day her wish came true. A wind that looked like a tornado went to her, blowing her but the trees nor bushes were moving.

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Then she wished that same moment that she would be in the classroom. She saw her friend Suzanne. She bumped into a glass wall. Then she noticed she was a hamster. She wanted to get out.