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On November 27, , two men broke into Linda's apartment in Evanston, Illinois, and brutally stabbed her to death. Three and a half years later, one of the two men was found, and he was already in prison. No motive was found for the murder. Their daughter, Angela, was visiting with her father and was thus saved. In his book, James shares the guilt that he had felt since leaving his family after a couple of years' marriage.

They were young and James did not adjust to his role as a husband, no matter how much he loved his famly. He did not find his place and work, and how to support his family. He knew that he had some mission in his life that was for the whole of mankind. He needed to make an impact on the world, and not just raise a family, as Linda wanted.

When he saw a film about St. Francis, a deep desire arose within him to start searching for himself and his mission. He believed for ten years that Linda would understand and forgive his leaving, hoping that they would find each other again; that was the reason why he did not accept a divorce for a long time. It was just when they were about to rebuild their marriage that Linda was murdered. After this James was overwhelmed with huge guilt.

James was driving in his car to Oregon with Angela and Angela's best friend. Linda's ashes were with them. In a big snowstorm they were driven to a dangerous cliff, and they almost were killed. For three and a half years James did not find peace, but he had to return to that cliff. This man, Richard, led James in three nights to a place that he called Barn Dance place. In this place there gathered souls that had left their physical level and which wandered in the between place led by their own soul plan.

Everyone had a lesson of their own to learn. Every night the place turned out a different stage, such as barn dance, fine restaurant, and theater. It was here that James met Linda — as a physical person — which rarely happenes — only for a few people, told Richard. Linda and James healed the wounds of each other. Both showed to each other how they had felt their marriage. They could feel their emotions. Looking deep into each other's eyes they could recall the mutual moments.

James experienced his fears and guilt, his own incabability to take care of his family, and what was worst — of Linda at her moment of death. She showed that she was not left alone. There was a policeman who took Linda in his arms and looked into her eyes at the moment she died. Both Linda and James forgave each other. James had two options, to stay with Linda in the heaven, or return to the physical world. The daughter Angela and his mission made James return to the physical world. The book tells about how forgiving heals a person from fears and guilt. It also tells that we can communicate with our loved ones who have passed to the other side, where Heaven and Earth meet, and where love never ends and life goes on forever.

It tells about how James by chance finds a little reastaurant near Toronto. The owner, a French cook, Roger Dufau, turnes out to be a mystic who teaches about love and God as easily as he makes delicious meals. He gives an example of how to smash garlic. Most people say it's best to cut the garlic in little slivers — they think it brings out the flavor. What they don't realize is that garlic has a very inrteresting quality: it heals itself after it's been cut, just like your finger would.

Your finger wants to retain your blood, the garlic wants to retain its juice. You chop the garlic slowly, carefully, and by the time you've put it on the fire, it's locked its juice inside Your life is the same. Your life is not meant to be slowly dissected, it is meant to be smashed. Then the juice inside you flows out and adds flavor to everything you touch. When you try to control the circumstances and the people around you, you're are doing so out of fear.

Don't give too much, or you might be left with too little — that kind of thing. You stop the flow of life as soon as it starts. So you need to let go of the fear and let it spill out into the world like this garlic.

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The same is true for you. You've been smashed by women. They squashed you, which forced you to start looking at the parts you were afraid to look at before. Then you were able to express, push out, the juice that's within. It is very important for you to realize that you have no direct power over outer things. Anything that seems to be outside you is really a consequence or a picture of something that is already within. The idea that you can affect externals directly, without first changing your thoughts, would mean that you can think one thing and produce another.

It is impossible, it's against the true law of the Universe. As within, so without. Simplicity and high-quality ingredients is the basis for all cooking. The same is in life. When Roger cooks he communicates with the ingredients, and so he knows how to cook. Besides all the cooking, Roger helps James to get rid of his pain and attitude towards women. James has all his life felt in his relationships with women that he is not good enough to be held and loved. He has not believed that he deserves love. It was so with Linda, but also in all his relationships with women.

Roger takes James to his childhood and to his jealousy to his mother when his little sister was born and took his mother's attention. Roger helps James to handle his fears of love and intimacy. Roger teaches him also that healing happens in helping others who have the same problem. Both men and women have fears towards the other sex.

Poems start to sing within James. I wish I could have been more conscious when my fears began to rise- I didn't mean to project them onto you and force you away from me. I wish I could have held still for a moment instead of running or forcing you to run - No matter how far I went, you were still with me, and I was still alone.

There are so many things I've learned from you, so many lessons I've gained - But most of them were never seen by anyone because I was afraid to be that vulnerable. Being alone felt safe, even though I missed what we could have been together - And melting into another felt like I was losing something instead of receiving more.

I wish I had seen you as my sister - Insted of a person I could use, then throw away. I would never have done that to someone in my own family - Something I feel whenever I think of you. Sister, I'm sorry I took you for granted and looked the other way - Didn't honor you, hoped for something more. I'm sorry I was so impatient, uncaring - Leaving you to wonder what you did wrong. You didn't do anything wrong - And when I'm honest, neither did I. All those things have brought me to this moment - And it's a moment I treasure more than any other.

This is when I can look you in the eyes ansd say I'm sorry, And in doing so, forgive myself. I didn't run from you - It was me I was trying to keep my distance from. I understand that now, and I can also understand you - Who you really are! You're a gift that helps me remember that life is meant to be shared - And I commit myself to that now. More than anything, I want you to know that I love you - Not for who I thought you were or what I could get from you - But for who yuo really are.

Now that I see that so clearly, I know I can never forget. Sister, it feels like I've turned a corner, One that I didn't know existed a moment ago. Were you the one who inspired this movement? Or was it something neither of us could have seen before now, Deeper than our breath or the wounds that have driven us into the shadows Where we hid unannounced? A seed that was buried breaks through the surface of our lives, And as we stretch toward the sun with our hands and hearts open wide We renew our commitment to love and to each other.

It took us this long to finally arrive at this place, And now that we're here, I reach my hand toward yours and we step forward - Into a world we have yet to create. It's as if I've opened my eyes for the first time, And I can see you looking at me, Vulnerable and awake. How could we have understood the changes taking place within us? Who was there to witness the beautiful opening of our lives? A light begins to expand inside our hearts, Filling us with more energy than we've ever known before.

Is it possible that this is what we've been waiting for? Was this the promise we sensed even when we stood in the shadows, Waiting for the sudden approach of heaven? All I know is that I can no longer remain where I once stood, As if one door has opened and the other suddenly disappears. I've tried to stand still, hoping to delay the step that appears before me now, But then I remember why I came - Not to vanish, but to forgive; Not to abandon, but to absolve the restless spirit that has claimed me till now.

Thank you for the persistent echo that moves through me still. Thank you for reminding me that yesterday has been abandoned, And tomorrow is nothing more than a mist that fades as the sun rises. I am ready to stand in front of you without running, I am ready to hold you instead of moving. I am ready to hold myself without worrying about who is looking. I am here, present and whole — perhaps for the first time, All because I was willing to look inside both of our hearts, And not recoil when the thunder shook the air around our bodies.

Thank you, dearest Sister, for holding me accountable for everything I am, And everything I might become. It is the only thing that is left of me now, And time won't forget this moment of perfect grace. That Divine Feminine that lives within all people deserves to become known and loved without fears. With blessings and love, Margie Lady Peace Minister. The Sami people have traditionally gathered in Enontekio for hundreds of years, in Hetta Church, to celebrate St.

Mary's Day. The first church was built by three devout Lapp brothers at their own expense in the late 16 th century at Rounala. The next church was built in in Markkina which was an important market place for the Lapps. The present church was rebuilt in after it had been burned down during the Lapland war in This present church is one of most beautiful modern churches in Finland.

It is also my favorite church and I consider its altar wall most beautiful.

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The magnificant mosaic work manifests the resurrected Christ blessing the people of Lapland and their daily life with reindeer. There are fells in the background where reindeer are going, and one large reindeer and two Sami persons, too. I like to drive to Hetta, up to the North, in the colorful autumn time. I always stay overnight in the Hetta Inn, in its old wooden house, which is full of the feeling of generations of hikers and skiers. The inn is owned by a fourth generation family. Mother Tuula works in the kitchen and Tiina, the young daughter, works in the office.

I have always known that Ailu was a great artist, singer, musician, painter, writer. He was especially famous for his singing of Sami-joiks, which Sami people like to sing in the fells, without words or instruments. When I saw the Aillohas-films on Aiku I realised how great a soul he has been. He gave identity to the Sami people. He showed how great and spiritual this culture of the Sami people is, which the Christian church almost totally ruined. Forgivng is the power which is the basis for a genuine culture. Ailu understood this and was able to forgive. The young people have clearly found their roots.

In Skierri there was an opening of an art exhibition where Maria-Liisa and Nea-Maria Valkeapaa, mother and daughter, relatives of Ailu, had hung their brightly colored magnificent paintings. There was a Sami psalms-concert in Hetta Church on Saturday evening. It was great and the colorful dresses of theSami people were fantastic. I enjoyed the colorful Sami dresses, the Sami language, and the peaceful atmosphere, very much.

Even the priest had on beautiful reindeer skin boots during the service. There were, of course, also reindeer race and lassoing competitions on the frozen Lake Ounasjarvi, skill and speed lassoing competition for women and men. Traditional Sami handicrafts and other local products were for sale in the market place. Many happenings were going on during these days, and many tourists from many countries were present. At the breakfast table I heard many languages, and especially French, to my great surprise!

It is great that young people have found their roots and are proud of their culture. It is a great resource, not only for the Sami people themselves, but for all of us. We all should return to our own roots, closer to nature, humanity, and caring for each other. Living in the Love. I am deeply grateful for these wonderful days I spent with Sami people and St. Mary within my heart. Sexuality is quite a taboo, even nowadays.

It is, however, a normal, natural thing in everyone's life. Why is sexuality then such a delicate matter for us? The marriage of Maria Magdalena and Jesus was a big threat to the Church. She had to be eliminated. Even many of the male disciples condemned and humiliated Maria Magdalena into tears. Very soon, as early as the fourth century, the Church systematically started to remove Maria Magdalena from the sacred writings. And it was Pope Gregory I, in the year of , who declared that real believers must consider Maria Magdalena a whore.

This intentional lie was eventually withdrawn by the Church — in the year of It took time almost years! And many people today don't even know about this truth. Constantine the Great, along with the Church, started to create their own image of Jesus. It was important to lead and control people. These were rooted effectively in the minds of the people. Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicea in started an effective manipulation of people.

They created a doctrine of Jesus and man's sinfulness from which only the Church could save the poor person who was doomed to live their lives with sin, guilt and shame. This led to the fact that the Church had to create more odd doctrines to manage their explanations. In the fourth century, St. Augustinus got a genius idea to create the original sin that starts with Adam and Eve; according to this doctrine even the newborn baby is full of sin. Only the Church can pardon the sinner. They created also the eternal hell where you were sent if you did not obey the Church.

The word hell, in Hebrew, is 'Gehenna'; and apparently the whole idea was taken from the rubbish dump with the eternal fire outside Jerusalem that was named Gehenna in the days of old. In , The Council of Constantinople condemned as heresy the reincarnation that was to Jesus and many living in Palestine a natural understanding in those days. It denied the sexuality of Jesus, the son of God and Man. Thus, it appeared Jesus did not redeem the sexuality of human beings. And where did this lead us? The priests had to be celibate.

This is something that St. Paul had never demanded from his priests, as Nick Bunick former St. And what followed from this impossible requirement? Many priests, especially bishops and even the Popes themselves led obscene lives, secretly of course. And even worse, sexual abuse, which is one of the most terrible things that a religious leader or believer can do. In all of this, there was no room for Feminine Divinity. The power was masculine, and the Feminine Divinity went underground.

Maria Magdalena, who was pregnant, fled to Egypt and from there to southern France. There She declared and taught that Divinity is the balance of the Feminine and Masculine Christ within a person. Maria Magdalena has for many years now manifested this truth. The Divinity is found within, not outside the person. With Blessings and Love. Margie Lady Peace Minister. I originally planned to spend two weeks sunbathing in Teneriffe, in the Canary Islands, after Christmas, and not here in the bitter cold at home! Once again, I learned a lesson: not to let your mind plan anything too early. Wouldn't it be more convenient to let things flow in their natural rythm, and allow yourself to flow in life without resisting?

Isn't flexibility what you are now studying? Yes, I am! I cancelled my holiday trip, one reason being that I did not want to celebrate the New Year by myself far away from home. And so it happened. My sisters, Riitta and Helena arranged Christmas parties in their homes for our relatives. And the New Year party was arranged by our wonderful youngsters in our old family house where our brother Arvi lives with his family.

They told me that they were coming back from the New Year's celebration of their congregation. When they heard me share that I am a peace minister, they started hugging me. And so we hugged each others in the middle of my home street. We were happy that we had such a cheerful and happy start for the New Year! At home the telephone soon rang. My friends Maaritar and Niilo were returning from their visit to Tampere on their way up to the north in Utsjoki. They had missed the party, but we had a party of our own, celebrating, eating and having fun.

Before they left we shared the Peace Prayers around the Emissary Wheel quilt, the first service of this new year. So by no means was I alone in celebrating! While listening to the speech of our President, Sauli Niinisto, I received an inspiration to comment on his speech. I sent a little article to both of our newspapers, the big one and our city paper.

They published it in two days. Someone has asked me where my congregation is, as I am an ordained priest. I share that all people are my congregation. I write to ordinary people. In the ordination of the Beloved Community I committed myself to three wows, the three direct orders of Jesus. Margie with Venla and Ilmari. Now it is time to give Mother Maria to the world. I am committed to this, and that is the reason why I do this as an instrument of Mother Maria Magdalena. Our President happened to launch a new word. We are spiritual beings that come time after time to this physical level to study what it is to be a human being.

Unnatural plodding along under different kinds of tyrannies may raise our character, but in many cases it puts us down, hardens us, and can make one very cruel. It is unpleasant, especially for the noblest and loveliest of persons that do not want to have anything to do with merciless global rulers. These are people who do not want to contribute to the humiliation of other people, for whom money will not replace God.

How has our world improved more today than, let us say, one hundred years ago? Has the wisdom of our time really moved our humankind spiritually forward? Are people in general somehow more noble and spiritually advanced? Do people remember their leaders as gentle persons who loved and who were also loved? Are the developing countries now happier after they have been deprived of their natural ways of living, after their lands have been polluted and their self-esteems have been raped? Let us allow those noble souls who really want to benefit our mankind and this beautiful planet of ours, make it in their silent beautiful way, with their loving prayers and blessings.

Those who love, they will be loved. Those who serve, they will be served, by Angels of Light.

This is a legacy worthy to be remembered for. The third reason for cancelling my trip was that I unexpectedly received an invitation to Helsinki to attend the memorial service for Jorma, the son of my deceased husband Jussi. In the last few years, I have received the ability to communicate with my beloved living in the other levels, and Jussi has often shared with me that he would like me to meet his chilren's families.

When Jussi and I got married, I was 33 and Jussi 66 of age. Jussi was a widow with three children, one son and two daughters. I now think of myself being in the same situation. How would I have taken this? How would I have reacted as the father's daughter when my father would marry a woman of such a young age?

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It just so happened that this father's daughter and the father's wife never learned to know each other in this life. Annikki died very soon after her father. Jorma, the son, was loyal to his father and tolerant in his attitude, but the family lived in eastern Finland, and we met only few times when they visited us in Rovaniemi on their summer holidays. Jorma's eldest son, Jari, visited me several times with his friends when travelling to northern Norway and back. I, by then, was a widow myself.

I met the children more seldom. There were also a few small incidents that got too big effects. I also moved to northern Finland where I absorbed in my own soul scenery and my relationships here. I received an invitation from Jorma's children to attend the memorial gathering. After his wife's death, Jorma's health weakened within one year. Jorma was, like his fasther, a philosopher, thinker and a great lover of books. The memorial meeting turned out to be very warmhearted. I got to be with the family, and a lot of sweet little grandchildren that I had never seen before. I met, once again, Jorma's three sons and their families.

Jari's wife, Jian is a Chinese lady, and she brings international color to the family. Jian asked if she could touch my left ear and my nose. The right ear, too, but not so much. Jin, the left side of the body is feminine, and the right side, yang, is masculine. Why not? We often visited them in their little, beautiful house by the forest.

We had a lot of fun together. Jussi's memorial service took place in Helsinki crematory chapel, and the memorial meeting was in the nearby restaurant. There was singing by the Kerava's Men Choir, where Jussi had sung for more than forty years. It happened so nicely that Anna, Jussi's granddaughter, had her 5-year birthday on that same day. It occurred to me then that the men's choir could sing a serenade for Anna. Grandpa Jussi would like that.

Anna stood on a chair surrounded by the choir of many men. Anna smiled sweetly and looked like a little princess in her beautiful white dress. Anna still recalls this, and is very proud of it. She has now herself two sweet daughters, Selma Helena, two years, and Elsa Johanna, 1 year. Anna did not have the girls with her, so I have not seen these darlings yet.

What has been the main thread in my three latest articles? I have wondered it. But no more, now I know. It seems to be death and the children. The whole circle of the life. The continuity of the life. The tender caretaking of our Blessed Mother Maria Magdalena. The bright insight and the beauty of the Being. The sky looks fabulous in its midday beauty. The Sun shines in pastel colors above the peak of Poyliovaara. It is about minus twenty degrees Celsius. I felt quite a sharp frost when I walked to the nearest mailbox to drop in my birthday card to Jaakko.

It was the last minute to do it, so that it would reach Turku on time for our Indepedence Day, the sixth of December. My heart longed to have a memorial speech for Eeva, and it happened when I left my flowers to Eeva by her coffin. We have talked about these matters. There is no death. What we call death is only a transit to a different kind of conscience.

The one who loves, is loved. You fulfill both of these features. I thank you and bless you my beloved big sister Eeva Kaisa Maria. The next night was quite extraordinary for me. I was woken up before four o'clock by some odd sound, and it was repeated twelve times, and also a couple of times later at Noon. Eeva was present and talked to me. She seemed to have an urgent need to tell that she lives, and everything feels wonderful on the other side. She stressed that everything that I had said by her coffin, is true and that I should share this with her children, all relatives and friends.

She was very anxious about something. I found out that she was worried about her grandchildren. I didn't sleep all night, but instead prayed and blessed all the relatives. During this same time, Mother Maria Magdalena asked me to read the Bible, and I opened it by chance in the same way as Margaret Starbird tells us in her books. I did this through the night. But I am upheld by thee because of my innocence; thou keepest me for ever in thy sight.

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Amen, Amen. Peoples shall come streaming to it, and many nations shall come and say,. Come, let us climb up on to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, that he may teach us his ways and we may walk in his paths. For instruction issues from Zion, and out of Jerusalem comes the word of the Lord; he will be judge between many peoples and arbiter among mighty nations afar. They shall beat their swords into mattocks and their spears into pruning knives; nation shall not lift sword against nation nor ever again be trained for war, and each man shall dwell under his own vine, under his own fig-tree, undisturbed.

For the Lord of Hosts himself has spoken. All peoples may walk, each in the name of his god, but we will walk in the name of the Lord our God for ever and ever. On that day, says the Lord, I will gather those who are lost; I will assemble the exiles and I will strengthen the weaklings. I will preserve the lost as a remnant nation and turn the derelict into a mighty nation. The Lord shall be there on Mount Zion now and for ever. These Bible texts are very important for me of old. So the Masculine and the Feminine Christ together will redeem the mankind. Maria Magdalena will get back Her respect that She deserves as the manifestation of the Feminine Christ.

In the same morning at 10 o'clock I went to our nearby Lutheran church to attend the First Advent service where the Hosiannah was sung. After returning home I was again asked to open the Bible.

Then opened the Second Book of Kings, the chapters telling about Prophet Elisha and his many mirales: curing and reviving people and providing them with their necessities. Next opened Proverbs, the chapter 15 as a whole. A soft answer turns away anger, but a sharp word makes tempers hot.

A wise man's tongue spreads knowledge; stupid men talk nonsense. The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, surveying evil and good men alike. A smoothing word is a staff of life, but a mischievous tongue breaks the spirit.

Annas Return (Pleasant Valley)

A fool spurns his father's correction, but to take a reproof to heart shows good sense. In the righteous man's house there is ample wealth; the gains of the wicked bring touble. The lips of a wise man promote knowledge; the hearts of the stupid are dishonest. The wicked man's sacrifice is abominable to the Lord; the good man's prayer is his delight. What Maria Magdalena told me during those night moments was that She again confirmed for me how to act. Without planning anything, but surrendering, trusting and being grateful.

It was important to share in the church that there exists no death, and it happened naturally beside the coffin of my sister. So it was supposed to happen. I hurried to contact Eeva's children. I called Maarit who told me that the father of her children, her ex-husband, had been taken to the hospital because of brain infarction. Katariina and Jaakko, of course, were very worried about their father. Also Eeva's many beloved ones were driving in their cars to their homes in southern Finland.

The road conditions were quite difficult in the snowing weather. Prayers were needed. Finland's Independence Day, the sixth of December is Jaakko's birthday. It is celebrated in Turku where the family lives. This year it is Jaakko's 16 th anniversary of his birth. Here is something from that story:.

In the morning the first thing that we did was to gather by his bed with the tray and our presents. What an impressive start for the birthday! To honour the celebration I interviewed the birthday boy:. Jaakko, do you know why it is a flag-flying day today? What does Independence Day mean? My birthday. What difference is to be four years of five years old? I don't know the thing. Are you now bigger? Yesterday I reached here, now here on the wall.

Did you grow during the night? No, I didn't grow at night, but in the morning when I was born at 7 o'clock. What makes the birthday fine? When I get a lot of presents at Christmas I get more. What gift do you like now best? It transforms and looks funny. All flags are waving on your birthday. How does it feel? Well, you don't have to like everything.

What are you going to be as you grow big? It is a secret, and besides I don't know it yet. So stupid questions! In the evening we all watched the big Independence Day reception in the presidential palace. I asked Katariina, if she would like to get an invitation to the Reception. She said self-confidently that as a renowed ballet dancer she will get an invitation. She was taking ballet lessons. Jaakko was not a bit interested in those festivities. He presented one man's show of digimons. With love, Margie Lady Peace Minister. Peppery Breath What combines all this, is Eeva and her grandson.

Jaakko is a very special youg man, very smart. It just sounds funny. Prima donna refers to Jaakko's sister Katariina who was fond of ballet dancing; now she is more interested in modern dance. I just wrote the newest article and sent it to Soul's Mirror. Now I know what the main thread for these three articles is. You may guess! I will tell you in my next story. We all should consider aiming our lives at implementing exactly this: that the purpose of life is Being, not doing.

Margie's photo from her study window. The landscape from my study window appears silver grey. The big birch trees are lace-covered, the big firs with their cones are like Christmas trees, and the little lake with its silver snow cover - mysterious. When I had my walk today along the river Kemijoki, the sun suddenly revealed itself above the top of Poylionvaara, the rocky hill on the opposite side of the river.

The river is all but iced over, except for after the big curve around Korvanniemi, where the water runs slowly, taking small ice flows down the river with it. The landscape is alive, even though the picture of it is almost at a standstill. Slow moving has also been the tempo of our family during these past two months.

Eeva Kaisa Maria Vainio, who is 81 years of age and the Mother figure of our big family, has been in terminal care. It has been confusing, and also difficult, to say farewell several times. Eeva has looked like she was passing away, and then suddenly she has woken up as if from a deep sleep and has started to talk with us clearly. In the past she had hurt her head many times, and she had tumors in her head, but nevertheless her brain has worked and she has been able to converse with us as sweet and sunny as always.

We have witnessed how beautiful the coming of death makes a person. The cheeks become smooth, the eyes shine as blue violets. With a pink silken scarf around her head she has looked like a Mother Superior or a Madonna. My beloved sister Eeva was born in Rovaniemi as the oldest in our large family of ten children.

The old Myllari farmhouse is situated by the river Kemijoki, about two kilometres from the city center, and is one of the oldest in the district. When the youngest of us, Riitta, was only 6 months old, our mother died. The situation was very difficult. The responsibility of our big sister must have felt heavy for a young woman of about twenty years. Eeva did not give up on her life, and did not start living as a foster mother at the expense of her own life. She broke away and left for Sweden to work there for some time. After returning home, she found her beloved husband Ernst with whom she married and gave birth to seven children.

Eeva and Ernst were a very happy couple who were loving to their children. It has been moving to see the tender relationship between Eeva and her children, and to witness how how the children have taken turns at Eeva's bedside in the hospital. We, her sisters, have also helped too, of course. We have been forced to think about the possibility that our love might hinder Eeva in leaving this physical world, by not letting her go. I have also pondered myself how the continuous pain medication may affect the Soul that is about to depart in a situation where the life has almost left this world.

I have experienced myself how the beloved ones give energy to a dying person. It happens unconsciously and from love. So it happened between me and my husband Jussi during his last year. I worked as a teacher at the local Business College, and at the same time we were building a new house to make bigger the aunts' little house. Jussi was in a very fragile condition, and my own life energy was almost as weak.

I hardly had strength to stand in front of the class. All the time I gave energy to Jussi, unconsciously, and of course from love. We would probably have both died unless one of the group of healers, led by Unto, quite uninvitedly had visited us. I suddenly got the energy to stand up from the bed and get ready for skiing up on Ounasvaara. I had felt that it was a miracle! In our new house we had had a housewarming party in March, and Jussi died that following August.

I thanked and blessed Unto and his friends. Unto shared with me that he gets an order sometimes to drive in a certain direction, and he then follows the blue arrow. The arrow stopps at the place where help is needed. We all have many different roles in our lives. A woman is a daughter to her parents, a wife to her husband, a mother to her children and a grandmother to her grandchildren.

In addition she is a sister and aunt, a mother-in-law, a co-worker and a leader. And, of course, she is a friend to numerous people. The relationship to every person is different. Nevertheless, the undertone remains the same. The person who loves, will be loved. Everything within us radiates outwards. Love and affection in a person is seen as small, self-denying deeds. Eeva has regularly visited hospitals and old peoples' homes seeing their relatives and friends.

She herself has gone through many sicknesses, but even so she has gladly and lovingly paid visits to her friends. Joy within her is genuine and stirring. Eeva and Ernst bought a little apartment in Tampere, near the University, where the children could live while they were studying.

In the same little cozy apartment, I also spent my first year after I had left my big house in Rovaniemi, to live in Tampere with my collie Lady. This year was one of my most fascinating and creative times. I was thrilled with the new way of learning and teaching, the Suggestopedian method that I had found very soon in Tampere.

I drew material for the courses at the Community institutes, by kneeling on the floor of my little apartment. Lady was stepping all the time on my papers. It was just a great time for me and Lady! She made acquaintances right away with neighbors and other people. Soon she had invited the lady who was cleaning the staircase to a cup of coffee in her apartment. They made friends, and later on Eeva invited this lady to visit with her in Rovaniemi. She has this phenomenal ability to be an open and loving personality. People love this kind of person, of course!

When the time was ripe, Eeva left her little apartment to the daughter of her youngest daughter, Pia Marie, who is studying in Tampere. I would not have been able to live in my house in Rovaniemi without Eeva. She took care of Lady as a puppy, watered my indoor plants, and helped me in all possible ways.

At Christmas we have always celebrated Eeva's name day. We have all been invited to Eeva's home to celebrate on the Christmas Day. This is how she became the Mother figure for all of us, not only for her own children. All of us being together as a whole family, and in the center of course, our beloved Eeva. We have been five sisters. Kristiina died earlier. The four of us have sticked together. All the name days and birthdays we have celebrated together. Our houses have been built near each other, in the fields of our family land, not far from the old farm house where our brother still lives with his family.

Our sister, Helena has her house opposite Eeva's house, and Helena has been able to see if there is light and life in Eeva's house. This has been very important, of course. Taking care of each other is a great, valuable thing. Eeva's sickness has brought us even closer. The mother is important for every person. The Divine Mother lives within each of us as the gentle and forgiving love. Mother Maria makes Herself known through other people. In the eyes, the smile, and in small loving features.

A month ago I stood in the bus at the air terminal in Helsinki. In front of me there sat a young mother with her little baby on her lap. The baby looked at me all the time, did not smile, but an amazing feature was the concentrated, intensive look at me. Through babies we have a direct contact to Heaven. I remember very well one first meeting. I came to see Eeva in her house. When I opened the door, I first saw a baby sitting on the lap of his mother, Maarit. When the baby saw me he started to giggle cheerfully, and when I embraced him, he kissed my face wet. This baby is Eeva's grandson.

Richness and love are in everyday's small things. Blessed are those who radiate this affection for others in our world. We know that there is no death.

Anna's Return

What we call death is in reality only transferring to some other level of our consciousness. When born in the light of the springtime, the Soul certainly gets an extra dose of Light. I am happy that I have been blessed with this kind of big sister. I thank you and bless you, Eeva Kaisa Maria. Eeva Kaisa Maria Vainio, m. The text, reported by Jussi Hanhivaara, reads as follows:. A small fragment of faded papyrus contains a suggestion that Jesus may have been married.

The fragment, with just eight lines of text on the front and six lines on the back, is from a fourth-century dialogue, written in the Coptic language, between Jesus and his disciples. King, who discovered the fragment. King, who has helped to translate the text, presented her research at the Tenth International Congress of Coptic Studies in Rome. The next line of the text reads. In the years after Jesus' death, Christians debated what was the correct way to follow Jesus' example and lifestyle.

King says the parchment might simply mean that some Christians believed after Jesus' death that he was married during his life. Actually I am not surprised at all. The time is ripe the facts to be revealed to a bigger audience. For the last few weeks I have been studying the material and books on Maria Magdalena. After many years' break I am starting again giving courses and talks on this subject that is so dear to me. The very topic is the marriage of Maria Magdalena and Jesus.

The whole existence of the Church is for a good reason at stake. By denying this marriage the Church has backed itself into a corner. By denying the other half of Divinity mankind has been led into misery and imbalance. By praying for two thousand years only to Father God, Mother God has been suppressed and mankind strangled by masculine fury and hatred. Maria Magdalena, the Beloved, wife and the mother of Jeshua's children, has been disgraced and humiliated.

And so all the women of our globe until these days. Stephen Adam d. Photograph courtesy of John Shuster. There is a lot of material telling about what happened in those days. It was in that the 13 papyruses, so called Dag Hammadi Library, were found in Egypt, among them the gospel of Filip. Also The gospel of Mary was found in Egypt. Anna Beiler has spent 3 years living in the English world. Now she is returning to her Amish home with a baby girl and lots of secrets. The baby girl is hers, but not by birth. She is returning home Consulter l'avis complet.

In this third installment, Anna returns to the Amish community and her family after being gone for three years in the English world. But she does not return alone. Bringing a baby and fearfully Account Options Connexion. Anna's Return.